African Woman And Child Feature Service


Our goal, objectives and broad activities under this strategic theme will be:

Goal: A media that promotes gender justice for social transformation


1. To generate well-researched content to promote gender diversity and equality
2. To promote gender equality and visibility of women and children in and through the media
3. To use the media as a platform to hold governments and other key actors accountable on issues of
women and children
4. To strengthen strategic partnerships and networks to advocate for gender equality.

Broad activities

1. Monitor gender reporting in the media focusing on the coverage of women and children, portrayal and
2. Document and present findings of research conducted to the media.
3. Promote gender equality within media houses by engaging with media policymakers
4. Undertake ongoing media campaign related to the international calendar of events
5. Conduct training for media practitioners on gender-based reporting
6. Partner with civil society organizations to hold government accountable for their commitments such
as those in the Constitution and international treaties
7. Develop content that highlights cases of social injustices through the AWC media platform such as the Kenyan Woman, Reject, and the GBV magazines.