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Land Reform

Land Reform

Land is one of the most important resources in the country. It is key to economic growth and plays a central role in national and local development. The management of land is a critical requirement for sustainable development and the Draft National Land Policy addresses the various opportunities to reverse the negative trends and to optimize the possibilities for sustainable development.

This section deals with the issue of Land Reform in Kenya

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Documenting Voices of Women

Documenting Voices of Women

Documenting the Voices of Women in the Post Election Political Crisis in Kenya -2008

The aim of this Project is to document the Voices of Women affected during the violence that rocked the country following the disputed December Elections.
This initiative intends to capture the experiences, perspectives, and recommendations of women and children during this delicate moment of national reconciliation, dialogue, and peace building processes.

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Coalition on Accountable Political Financing

Coalition on Accountable Political Financing

CAPF is an alliance of governance focused civil society organizations in Kenya that bring together their expertise, experiences and programmatic resources towards the improvement of practice and culture of political party financing in the country.

Hence, CAPF members will be monitoring the elections as part of the Coalition’s mission to scrutinize the link between campaign funds and politics, thereby, reducing corruption and institutionalizing multi-party democracy in Kenya.

Although the Coalition will limit its monitoring exercise to Nairobi province, it will collaborate with other organizations currently working in other parts of the country to monitor nationally, the financing of aspirants - both parliamentary and civic level.

The scope of monitoring will be limited to the income and expenditures of the aforementioned candidates and parties. The breakdown of which is outlined below:

  • A summary of the party’s financial income statement indicating the various sources.
  • And their proposed budget for the 2007 elections.
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G10 Coalition on Land Reform & Decentralization

G10 Coalition on Land Reform & Decentralization

Ardhi - kwa manufaa na ustawi

Land remains a focal point of Kenya’s history and has for years dictated the pulse of the nationhood and still continues to take a pivotal role in the country’s social, economic, political and legal relations. The National Accord and Reconciliation Act recognize land as a source of conflict and calls on the political class to make fundamental changes in land ownership and tenure through constitutional reforms.

The G10, a coalition of civil society organizations namely; The Caucus for Women’s Leadership, Wildaf, FIDA Kenya, CREAW and African Woman and Child Feature Service (AWC), is implementing a project on land reforms and decentralization whose main objective is to create awareness around the National Land Policy as well as the constitutional provisions on land that speak to issues around marginalized groups such as women’s rights to inheritance and ownership.

The project seeks to also advocate for decentralization of decisions around land matters to the district and grassroots levels so as to enable women and the citizenry in general participate more effectively in making decisions that have direct bearing on their lives and livelihoods.

The project also proposes lobbying and advocacy for decentralization of authority at the national, district and grassroots level to enable women and citizenry in general participate more effectively in making decisions that have a direct bearing on their lives and livelihoods.

The objective for African woman and Child Feature Service as the media partner is to use the media as an entry point for creating change and influencing attitudes in regard to land reform and decentralization through public awareness and therefore creating an avenue for engagement at local and national level.


Project Activities

AWC activities in this project are:

  • Development of a communication strategy for the project
  • 4 Breakfast meetings with editors, senior media women and correspondents
  • Conduct a media training for journalists and correspondents
  • Produce 2 documentaries highlighting land reform issue and decentralization
  • Produce 2 talk shows (media campaign) on importance of land reform and decentralization
  • Handle media mobilization, coordination and communication for the coalition
  • 3 Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA)
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Monitoring & Holding Media Accountable On Gender

Monitoring & Holding Media Accountable On Gender

Monitoring And Holding Media Accountable On Gender Mainstreaming In Content And Structures

The project seeks to undertake regular monitoring of how media treats gender in content and structures. The findings of the monitoring will be shared with key managers in- charge of content generation and human resources. It is hoped this will influence better treatment of gender issues in media policies and practice.


Project Objectives

This project is designed to address the lack of women voices in the media content and their representation in media structures. A report of the monitoring will remind them of their failures in this regard. It is expected after this, there is going to be an increase in the percentage of women whose views form part of the media agenda

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