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Media, Sexuality and Reproductive Health

Media, Sexuality and Reproductive Health (1)

The Media, Sexuality and Reproductive Health programme is designed to tease out critical issues in the area of sexuality and reproductive health; bring out their gender dimensions, and advocate for their coverage in the media.

The programme is also concerned with the development of tools such as training manuals that are to help journalists and other communicators cover these issues in a more informed, in-depth and analytical manner. To this end, we have, and continue to run training workshops for journalists reporting sexuality and reproductive health issues.
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Creating Public Awareness on Unsafe Abortion in Kenya

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AWC in conjunction with the Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance (RHRA) is working on a project to create and promote awareness on unsafe abortion among the public, journalists, editors and other media practitioners through building partnerships.

The objectives of the project are:
  • To create awareness on unsafe abortion among the public as part of an effort to facilitate and provoke debate on the need for responsive and comprehensive reproductive health rights within a well defined socio-economic and legal framework.
  • To seek interventions on how best to address unsafe abortion in Kenya.

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