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Promoting Women-Centred Leadership & Governance

Promoting Women-Centred Leadership & Governance (2)

Promoting Women-Centred Leadership and Good Governance through media during the Electoral Process in Kenya

This project seeks to work with the media to transform leadership within the devolved structures of governance and promote gender equality beyond what it is currently doing. This is going to be important especially in enhancing information flow and creating awareness, building sensitization and education campaigns to change patriarchal attitudes among the various communities. The long term objective of the project therefore is to promote transformative leadership through active participation of women in politics and leadership structures within the devolved structures as well as empowering women to understand their rights in the COK2010. This project is undertaken with support from UN Women

Project Duration: September 2012 - August 2013

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Project Activities

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  • Use of partnerships, training and media based advocacy to sensitize women, policy makers, opinion and community leaders and communities on the constitutional provisions in relation to women’s gains and the need to ensure that one-third Gender Principle is achieved.
  • Documentary, Radio Drama Series and Radio Programmes
  • Promoting voices and visibility of women in the media
  • Training of journalists and  women leaders
  • Media encounters and community dialogues
  • Media Colloquium on Reporting Gender and Governance
  • Monitoring media
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Project Objectives

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  • Information Flow around gender and governance and the link to the General Elections increased
  • Space for gender and women issues in the media increased in both print and electronic media
  • Capacity building of media practitioners on gender sensitive coverage and reporting including SGBV

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