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Calling for the creation of a Gender Crimes Unit

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Recent data from the Gender Violence Recovery Centre (GVRC) shows that 45% of women between ages 15 – 49 in Kenya have experienced either physical or sexual violence, with women and girls accounting for 90% of the gender based violence (GBV) cases reported.

While these are very disturbing statistics, the response to gender based violence by the police has not addressed various gender crimes with the seriousness they deserve.  Many perpetrators have gone scot free either because the police did not apprehend them or presented weak evidence in court. Part of the explanations offered for this situation is that the police lack adequate resources and expertise to undertake better investigations. The police play a critical role in ensuring justice for the victims and survivors of gender based violence. Experience has shown that structured units within the police service attract budget lines and infrastructure that makes them very effective in fighting crime and responding to the needs for which such a unit is set up.

 This is why we call upon you to sign a petition calling for the establishment of a Gender Crimes Unit (GCU) within the Kenya Police Service.

The establishment of this Unit will go a long way in ensuring that not only are resources allocated to pursue perpetrators of violence, but credible investigations are carried out and justice for the survivors of gender based violence being guaranteed.


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