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The Reject newspaper is a monthly publication of the Media Diversity Center, a project of African Woman and Child Feature Service. 

As of 2016, the Reject is published online on reject.awcfs.org

Reject Online Issue 35
  • Birth certificate scam
  • Taming the juala menace
  • A country on a corruption drip
  • Lake Naivasha is in deep trouble
  • Tea farmers get together for joint hydro power project
  • Training to help managers improve water services
  • Woman's long search for justice
  • Clerics join war against FGM and declare it anti-Islam
Reject Online Issue 34
  • Human trafficking money minting business shrouded in secrecy
  • Kenya conduit for child trafficking
  • Mutilator turned anti-FMG advocate
  • Malindi council services ground to a halt
  • Human beings and animals fight over water
  • Blind Kithumba cries for help
Reject Online Issue 33

Highlights in this issue:

  • Drought sends herders to Uganda
  • Poverty cuts short slum children's dream
  • Death of traditional weather forecasts
  • Former prisoner receives donation to start business
  • Spirit of never giving up sees young man's dreams come true
  • Widower champions parenthood in the village
Reject Online Issue 32

Highlights in this issue:

  • Scavengers of the gold mine
  • Fear stalks IDP camps as mothers lose babies
  • Child loses uterus through repeated sexual assault
  • The great Mekatilili wa Menza
  • Healer with a touch for broken hearts
Reject Online Issue 31

Highlights in this issue:

  • Taita Taveta caves where Kenyatta consulted the oracles
  • AWC bags awards at KEMEP
  • Art of dhow building threatened with extinction
  • Waterfall in Eldoret cries for recognition
  • Hidden away, lies a treasure in the Nairobi Railways Museum
  • Self help group reaps the benefit of hard work
Reject Online Issue 30 | World Aids Day Special

Highlights in this issue:

  • Kenyans dying of pain
  • In our Special World Aids Day Issue
    • Confidentiality remains a right in testing
    • Free flowing money on highway increases risks of HIV
    • Multiple effects of male circumcision and counselling
    • Women living with HIV demand sexual and reproductive rights
  • No end in sight to blinding disease
  • Farmers ditch coffee for miraa
Reject Online Issue 29

Highlights in this issue:

  • Invoking Maslah : Alternative to Statutory Courts
  • Entrenching tradition among the Somali
  • Tero Buru: Using cattle to drive away spirit of death
  • Pregnant mother cries for justice
  • Mystic Lake Simbi to benefit from gazettement as a tourist facility
  • Multi-billion industrial park set for central Kenya
  • Prison turns out to be a major correctional facility
  • Tribulations of children born to single mothers in the slums
Reject Online Issue 28

Highlights in this issue:

  • Hope for widows and orphans
  • Mourn not to your own peril
  • In the name of compassion for abused children
  • Henna painting remains a mark of beauty
  • Traditional oath taking was the norm among the Gusii
  • Kenyan company gets funding to manufacture ARVs
Reject Online Issue 27

Highlights in this issue

  • Kibera's revolutionary answer to nature's call
  • Slum women seek to better their lives
  • A century plus eight: Granny takes it all in her stride as she marks birthday
  • Garden in a sack leaves slum dwellers food secure
  • Millionaire beach boy
  • Bhang trade ebbs with drought
  • Ghost of corruption haunts bursary plans
Reject Online Issue 26

Highlights in this issue:

  • Modogashe's concubines
  • The cash transfer revolution turns lives upside down
  • Correspondents' Cheques rendered extinct
  • Hailstorm leaves village reeling in shock and loss
  • Digital centre lights up village
Reject Online Issue 25

Highlights in Issue 25:

  • Slum Teens pay with pregnancies and HIV infections
  • The self-made sewerage exhausters
  • Are these a forgotten people?
  • Once a social drink, chang'aa goes on to break cultural barriers
  • Farmer exploits sewerage irrigation
  • Soldier exchanges gun for a jembe
Reject Online Issue 24

Highlights in this issue:

  • African Village Recreated
  • Clans to put arms down embrace peace
  • Memories of Lancaster talks that led to Kenya's first constitution
  • Making money out of waster material
  • Farmers reap from the hyacinth manure
Reject Online Issue 23

Highlights in this issue:

  • Where there has never been an 'A' - Narok reels under redundant cultural practices, animal human conflict and farflung schools
  • Special Features on Food Security
  • Farmers selling green maize as threat of food insecurity looms
  • No storage facilities for excess maize
  • Celebrating green after years of drought
  • Innovative measures put to fight hunger
  • Cautious sigh of relief follows bumper harvest
  • Partnerships to help improve food situation
Reject Online Issue 22


  • Special Feature on East African Community
  • God's gift to mankind - Mukogodo Forest
  • Major health boost as hospitals are rehabilitated
  • Village in landmark power project
  • Philanthropic couple puts children in Magarini at ease
Reject Online Issue 21


  • Horrors of the wedding night: Young men say FGM is a nightmare
  • Gauge leaders before taking sides in new law - Kenyans urged
  • IDPs support Constitution
  • Joint effort to conserve border wetlands
  • Traditional surgeons mourn loss of jobs
  • After 40 years, Halima still grips the knife
  • The long search for justice: With a bleak future, former political detainee puts all his hopes on TJRC
Reject Online Issue 20


  • A life cut short, too fast
  • Sorry state that is Mwingi District Hospital
  • Wheat farmers protest lowering of import duty
  • Residents cross over to Uganda for cheaper goods
  • HIV and Aids preying on elderly people
  • Road opens up region to visitors
  • From war cries to calls for peace
Reject Online Issue 19
  • Power of the coin - Armed with only Kshs 20 women are turning tables on poverty.
  • Special Report - State of the Kenyan Child
  • Rescue mission for girls under house arrest
  • Displaced children find a haven of comfort
  • Children putting ugali on the table
  • Another arms mop up operation launched
  • Lack of identification documents works against IDPs
Reject Online Issue 18
  • Special Referendum Report
  • Death knell sounded for nursery schools
  • IDPs worried more about leaking roofs
  • Identification challenges in the North
  • Principal Chief - Jamal Mzee Fankurpy sits on the top throne of chieftaincy
  • Motorists turn to cheaper bio-diesel
Reject Online Issue 17

  • Wagalla massacre - Attacks that left a village reeling in wheelchairs
  • Voters on a roll - Country faces numerous challenges
  • Bandits scare off villagers from registration
  • Leaders in ‘door to door’ campaign
  • Migingo residents demand voter rights
Reject Online Issue 16

  • The Gold Diggers - Masara residents in search of the elusive wealth
  • Clergy to monitor devolved funds
  • No longer safe - Child defilers run amok in South Nyanza
  • Safety net cast for vulnerable children
  • Art brush replaces the gun
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