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The Reject newspaper is a monthly publication of the Media Diversity Center, a project of African Woman and Child Feature Service. 

As of 2016, the Reject is published online on reject.awcfs.org

Reject Online Issue 91 | Challenges in the VAT Bill

Highlights of this issue:

  • Review VAT law, public cry out
  • Disabled need all the support they can get
  • Agony of unexploded military device
  • Inflation hits Kisumu hard as VAT takes effect
  • Inflation forcing children out of school
  • VAT leaves widows and children more vulnerable
  • It is tough going for the youth
  • Major setback for those living with HIV
  • Organisations seek committment to implementation of ICPD beyond 2014
  • Rise of street families cause for concern
  • Profile: Said Mohammed - Making life bearable for those living with cancer
  • Negative use of social media by young people worrying
  • Women to benefit from dairy loans
Reject Online Issue 87 | Crisis in Maternal Health

Highlights in this issue:

  • Not so free after all: Delivery services the only free package on maternal healthcare
  • Fishing luring students from school in Siaya County
  • More nurses needed to make free maternity dream true
  • Despite setbacks, free maternal healthcare will work out
  • Kenya way out of achieving development goals
  • Why girls in rural schools are having sleepless nights
  • Drugs racket unearthed amid shortage crisis
  • Residents cash in on garbage and smile all the way to the bank
  • Kenyan media beyond March elections
  • Wheelbarrow race comes to the rescue of Maasai girls
  • Rise of child acrobats in Kilifi linked to truancy
Reject Online Issue 86 | Celebrating World Population Day

Highlights in this issue:

  • Deplorable state of affairs for morgue attendants
  • Vulnerable children benefit from programme
  • Family numbers cause for high number of bodies
  • Genital mutilation cause of rise in fistula cases
  • Africa yet to earn potential demographic dividends
  • Slum women opt for TBAs for fear of losing their uterus
  • Kitui babies put on ARVs by mistake
  • Medics raise flag over rise in diabetic cases
  • Lawi Otieno Ondieki: Kisumu pupil sets his eyes on the environment
Reject Online Issue 84 | Kenya at 50

Highlights in this issue:

  • Claiming the dividends of Uhuru
  • Poverty luring young girls to prostitution
  • Chameleon farming set to start in Kakamega
  • Profile: Mzee Kadenge Ngala, former police officer recalls serving in the colonial era
  • Freedom fighters hope Uhuru will push for their compensation
  • Water project brings change to Nyamasaria
  • School of husbands saving women's lives
  • Vaccine only solution to malaria during pregnancy
  • Age is just a number ... youngest Nyeri county assembly ward representative takes office
  • Kenya joins global fight against neglected tropical diseases
Reject Online Issue 83

Highlights in this issue:

  • Nairobi County residents feeding on sewer vegetables
  • Women in Kilifi decry rampant defilement cases
  • Profile: James Kididing- Narok herd boy's shining example of success in corporate world
  • Heavily endowed with rich natural resources, poverty stalks Kwale
  • Rise of gender based violence cases in Narok
  • New farming technology set to change the face of Makueni
  • No more sex for fish
  • Marsabit hit by high cases of cancer as myths hinder care
  • Women initiate open air market in Kilifi
  • Farmers in Nyanza embrace new fish technology
  • Coffee farmers blame poor pay on smuggling racket



Reject Online Issue 77 | Gender & Elections Special
Highlights in this issue:
  • Comprehensive Profiles of 15 Women candidates
  • Guard your tongue: The smallest body part key to  peaceful elections
  • Reject writer emerges top at Tupange awards
  • High cost of heart surgery gives mother sleepless nights
  • Media urged to promote peace through positive stories
  • Rift Valley drama group 'takes' justice to the village
  • Coast is all out for peaceful elections
  • Breaking the culture of ethnic hostility in Kenya
  • Women boycott Valentines Day to stop GBV


Reject Online Issue 76

Highlights in this issue:

  • Initiatives to address HIV through community dialogue
  • Futile search for a national identity card
  • Crocodile infested rivers leave villagers maimed and desperate
  • Intricate land ownership will affect construction of Taveta County headquarters
  • Government set to vet beach operators
  • Billionaires club hopes to contain tourist harassment
  • Soya farming to set to improve farmers' livelihoods
  • Women form peace forums to mitigate against regional conflict
  • Peace initiatives set agenda for a conflict free election
  • Media, women urged to promote peace during elections
  • Opinion polls and the media, which way forward?
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