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Kenyan Woman Issue 46

Highlights of this issue:Kenyan Woman Issue 46

  • Exposed: Cartels rake millions from FGM failed
  • FGM Act silent on how to deal with those profiteering from the illegal practice
  • HIV trials had inaccurate adherence measures
  • Government unveils health subsidy for the poor
  • Technology can give women the space to fight for their rights
  • South Sudan women demand more inclusion in the peace process
Kenyan Woman Issue 42

Highlights of this issue:

  • Matrimonial Property Bill: Law deals a blow on unpaid care work
  • Allow girls a second chance in school after giving birth
  • Profile: Sophie Burns Chokwe
  • Backstreet clinics making booming business from unsafe abortion
  • Violence against women is a threat against peace worldwide
  • Profile: Mary Mbugua - Family life forms the basis of her leadership
  • Women's movement challenged to change ways of doing business
  • Violence against women remains a global health problem of epidemic proportions
  • Women encouraged to venture into male dominated field of soapstone carving
  • How Rwanda's women have managed to control Parliament
  • The four women who took on Botswana's chiefs - and won
Kenyan Woman Issue 39

Highlights of this issue:

  • Women traded for sex: Men in Kwale barter wives for quick money
  • Violence used to oppress women in Kisii
  • Bar maids called by any other name but their own
  • Social marketing tackling violence
  • Controversy mars disbursement of Uwezo Fund
  • Tradition and culture conspire against women in Isiolo
  • Profile - Mumina Konso: Inspired to implement community peace declaration
  • Gender based violence centre opens in Central Kenya
  • Selective interpretation of the law denies women access to safe abortion
  • African women leaders prioritise family planning for sustainable development
  • A mother's cry for justice over medical negligence
  • Women venture into high earning silk farming
  • Dialogues that talk female circumcision out of existence
Kenyan Woman Issue 38

Highlights in this issue:

  • Senate at a crossroads
  • Not yet uhuru for women in Kwale county
  • Litmus test as more women ascend to power
  • Young women call for enactment of equalisation bills
  • Women entrepreneurs in Gusii set for better days
  • Free maternal delivery force comes to Kenya
  • Giving birth is still a matter of life and death for slum women
  • Good news for African women
  • African women scientists set new standards in farming
  • Profile: Regina Nyeris
Kenyan Woman Issue 35

Special Edition of the Kenyan Woman with comprehensive coverage of Gender & Elections

In this issue:

  • 8 pages of profiles of Women Candidates in the 2013 Elections
  • Judiciary assures women candidates on election related violence
  • Campaign to stop gender based violence ahead of the elections launched
  • Fate of immediate former women MPs hangs in the balance
  • Social fabric threatened as gender based violence eats at families
  • ICC trust fund receives major boost from UK
  • Those blocking women's empowerment to be blacklisted
Kenyan Woman Issue 34

Highlights in this issue:

  • Glaring gender inequality
  • Election pacts push women to the side lines
  • Aziza Abdalla: How gender discrimination saw bright girl lose out in education
  • Fear factor dominates elections
  • Coast women ready for elections
  • Women, youth ill-prepared for elections
  • Strong women emerge to lead in Maasai land
  • Slum women championing peace and proper sanitation
  • Najia Zewari: Key to peace lies in women's hand
Kenyan Woman Issue 33

Highlights in this issue:

  • Shattered Dreams; Rule by Supreme Court crushes the five year decade trek to gender equality
  • Dilemma of women and children from Baragoi massacre
  • Women to be aggressive in political negotiations
  • Teenage pregnancies killing girls' dreams
  • Samburu girl child beading, an unspoken human violation
  • Reusable pads, answer to women's empowerment
  • Relief for breast cancer survivors
  • Stigma, fear stalks fistula survivors
Kenyan Woman Issue 32

Highlights in this issue:

  • Women issue ultimatum: The time is now, and we are not  turning back
  • Activist from Nepal receives Wangari Maathai Award
  • Profile: Pauline Akai Lokuruka
  • Talks of election pacts leaves women watching on the sidelines
  • What stands between the African girl child and education?
  • Women and orphans unable to enjoy the right to inherit land
  • Women in Tarime strive to sit at the peace negotiation table
  • Sex for food becomes currency at refugee camp
Kenyan Woman Issue 31

Highlights in this issue:

  • Where are the women?
  • NCIC Commissioner feted
  • Call for women to be included in peace processes
  • Number in parity can work if rule of law is followed
  • Women must protect constitution from amendments
  • Health bill fails to meet constitutional requirements
  • Slum women peace group leads from the front
  • Sharon Wanjiru: From the streets to top motivator
  • Advancing women's right to land and property
  • Kitui women cook their way out of poverty
  • Fatou Bensouda: Challenges ahead as she takes up the highest position in prosecution
  • Call for women to go for cervical screening


Kenyan Woman Issue 30

Highlights in this issue

  • Championing women's leadership
  • Poll body on the spot over fees
  • Media must wear gender lens during elections
  • A constitutional crisis in the making
  • Wind of change as Wajir embraces women
  • G10 calls for special division to handle court cases of property rights
  • Self esteem raised as reforms favour women behind bars
  • Women's role in peace building is laudable in Kenya's healing process
Kenyan Woman Issue 29
  • The money factor: Financial Constraints a major challenge to women aspirants
  • Migrant communities face challenges in accessing HIV prevention interventions
  • Naomi Cidi: Development agenda is her key to clinching senator’s position
  • Increasing sexual abuse worrying legal experts
  • Pledge for a peaceful electoral process
  • Women farmers in Molo and Kitui gets World Bank  financial boost access
  • AU Chair comes on board with a promise to deliver reforms
  • Kenya must honour her unsung heroines
  • Woman breaks glass ceiling to become administrator
Kenyan Woman Issue 28
Highlights in this issue:
  • Realisation of gender rule in limbo
  • Leaders accused of ignoring women's agenda
  • Agnes Awinja Okongo: It is not business as usual as change comes to Awendo
  • Africa's First Ladies make women's rights their agenda
  • FGM eradication proves to be a challenge in Tanzania
  • Caroline Kemunto is out to empower sex workers
  • Shylocks disempowering unsuspecting women
Kenyan Woman Issue 27

Highlights in this issue:


  • Will the Equality Commission live up to its name?
  • Tuvuke Initiative commits to unite communities ahead of polls
  • Huge gap yawns for women in political leadership
  • Chief tweets to fight gender based violence
  • Female journalism graduates shun newsrooms
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