ADF Today - Addis Ababa, 2008

ADF Today Action on gender equality, women’s empowerment and ending violence against women in Africa

19th - 21 November 2008

AWC took part in producing ADF TODAY at the 6th African Development Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia held on 19th November - 21st November 2008

ADF VI was jointly held by UNECA, AU and AfDB to reflect the strategic partnership fostered among the three institutions to deliver as one towards meeting Africa 's development priorities, including gender equality.


ADF Today - Wednesday 19 November 2008


ADF Today paper for Wednesday 19th November, 2008

ADF Today - Thursday 20 November 2008

ADF Today paper for Thursday 20 November, 2008

ADF Today - Friday 21 November 2008

ADF Today paper for Friday 21 November, 2008

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