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Jamii Thabiti Programme is about improving community security and safety. It intends to reduce levels of criminal violence, inter-communal violence and violence against women and girls by working with authorities, service providers and civil society organisations at national and county levels. The Programme will build on the achievements of improved legislation, police accountability as well as new conflict and security architecture at the county level. It will provide a more people-centred, longterm approach to peacebuilding, police reform and community security. With a focus on data collection and the use of statistics,Jamii Thabiti Programme will measure the impact of this programming and will disseminate the lessons learned.


Jamii Thabiti Programme is being supported by the United Kingdom through the Deaprtment for International DEvelopment (DFID). It is being implemented by Coffey International in partnership
with 40 organisations working closely with the Government of Kenya including both national and county level institutions.


Jamii Thabiti Programme will lead to a measureable improvement in the ability of national and county level institutions to tackle violence against women and girls, crime and inter-communal conflict, resulting in improved safety and security institutions at the national level and in eight counties of Kisumu, Bungoma, Kilifi, Kwale, Nakuru, Baringo, Wajir and Mandera. The anticipated programme results include quicker response to conflict and insecurity; improved policing; reduced gender based violence and better crime statistics.

Jamii Thabiti | Issue 3

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Traditional strategy could be incorporated into statutory laws
County policing authorities set to improve police accountability
Northern Kenya embraces dialogue to address security concerns
Police officer on a mission to end violence against women and girls
It is thumbs up for Keeping the Promise campaign in Nakuru County
Boda boda operators named perpetrators
Community committees making positive interventions in Bungoma
Kwale County government intervenes to reduce violence
Kilifi County remains dangerous for the girlchild
National Assembly dims hope for sexual offences reforms

Jamii Thabiti | Issue 2

- Disturbing trends of community conflict prompts action
Arms business fuelling inter-communal conflict
Snowballing effect of inter-communal violence leaves families destabilised
Report paints worrying trend of criminal violence
Lack of political will derails responses to violence in Kisumu County
Journalists can influence change of perception towards violence
Jamii Thabiti to establish situation rooms for early warning in election
Culture to blame for increased violations
Dilemma of interpreters as justice eludes deaf women
‘Speak Out Boxes’ help girls open up on violations
Startling statistics on defilement
Persistence ensures justice for defiled girl

Jamii Thabiti | Issue 1

Race to accountability in GBV kicks off with ‘Keeping the Promise’ campaign
Three million people targeted in improving community securityinitiative
Violence against women and girls cuts across all counties
40 organisations set to change face of community safety and security in Kenya
National Police Service gives a nod to Jamii Thabiti
Partners engage police officers in Kisumu County
Ball set rolling with training of police in Bungoma
Body of proof: Evidence remain crucial in sexual violence cases

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