The Media Score Card Report: The Coverage of the Referendum Campaigns 2005, evaluates the performance of the media during the National Referendum vote on the proposed draft constitution. The significance of the study is relevant given the extreme criticism directed at the media in the wake of the referendum vote for what was described as a lack of balance in their work. -

An analysis from a gender perspective of the 2002 Kenyan elections and all related processes.

The aim of the Gender Audit is to analyse from a gender perspective, the 2002 Kenyan elections and all related election processes so as to assess the following:

  • The extent to which the environment and the electoral process allowed for an informed and effective participation of women.
  • The representation of women in the outcome i.e. their percentage representation in parliament after the elections.
  • The impact of gender inequality on democracy


To conduct a thorough observation of the electoral process and prepare a detailed report on the four stages of the electoral process, AWC conducted a quantitative study on the voter registration exercise in seven constituencies in seven of Kenya’s eight provinces. The aim of this was to examine the accuracy of the voters’ register and to establish citizens’ reasons for registering and the value placed on the vote by each gender. For the other stages of the electoral process (nominations, campaigns, polling and counting of votes), AWC deployed observers in 15 constituencies to observe the processes and conduct qualitative interviews in the run-up to the 2002 General elections. Documented literature from other sources has also been utilized in the study.


Women's Rights as Human Rights: A contradiction between policy and practice

Occasional paper Number 01/2004 for the Norwegian Church Aid

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