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MP to the rescue of Meru’s girl child

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A girl in high school loses 156 learning days which is equivalent to almost 24 weeks out of 144 weeks of school.

Nationally, a UNICEF report reveals that a girl in primary school between Standard 6 and Standard 8 loses approximately 18 weeks out of 108 school weeks.

For Rosemary Oluoch, politics was the last thing on her mind before the last general elections. But when she took a step of faith, she made history as the only woman to be elected as a member of the Homa Bay County Assembly.

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Catherine Samba-Panza

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Mother courage chosen to save Central African Republic

Cheers broke out in the national assembly building in Bangui as representatives chose the mayor of Central African Republic’s capital (Bangui) to serve as the interim president of the Central African Republic, a country that is facing mayhem.

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Profile: Sophie Burns Chokwe

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Dedication to helping physically challenged wins her political nomination

The number of women in the last parliament was more than what is in the current eleventh parliament. After the March polls, it was anticipated that there would be more women but  due to a number of factors that range  from malpractices and harsh political environment, the two-thirds threshold was not met, this despite the huge number of women seeking elective position.

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Two steps forward, one backward

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Unclear laws a barrier to women's political leadership

It all started with political party nominations when male dominated political parties made a farce of the expanded political space.

Youthful Soipan Tuya, daughter of former Narok South legislator Samson ole Tuya was the last person to declare her candidature in the race for the Narok County Women’s Representative seat three months to the General Elections.

The cultural inclinations that conspired to deny a young girl education three decades ago have come back to haunt her bid for leadership.

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Profile: Pauline Akai Lokuruka

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Destined for early forced marriage, death of livestock saved her schooling

Born to a church employee 53 years ago, Pauline Akai Lokuruka would not have attended school and achieved her status were it not for the death of her parent’s livestock.

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