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Financial shortfall cripples IVF task force

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Financial shortfall cripples IVF task force Efforts to develop a policy framework to regulate the provision and practice of the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) services and other assisted reproduction technologies in the country have stalled due to serious financial problems.

A technical IVF Task Force formed in 2007 to develop the policies has been unable to wrap up its work after the government failed to release money for the completion of the remaining phases.

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IVF: What it is all about

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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproduction that is used to treat both women and men who are infertile and who are unable to get a baby even after trying other treatment options. It is known as the last resort for infertile couples.

But it is usually the treatment of choice for a woman with blocked, damaged, or absent fallopian tubes.

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Slums dwellers take lead on maternal deaths

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Just a few months before the government releases the 2009 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, statistics are already indicating that the magnitude of the maternal mortality in the country might not be good.

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Husbands batter women for not conceiving

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An increasing number of women are experiencing serious verbal, emotional and physical violence 

meted by their husbands and in-laws, all because they are believed to be infertile. Picture by Ophelia Cherry

One evening early 2003 over a sumptuous dinner in quite restaurant in town, Janet and her husband had a pleasant discussion on the number of children they wanted to have and how to raise them. By the end of that year, they agreed, Janet was to be expectant.

ImageHIV and AIDS researchers are sounding an alarm over the large numbers of HIV positive women not accessing family planning services, warning that the figures of unintended pregnancies and children born with HIV are likely to rise.


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Worry as women abandon using family planning

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The new trend is 

likely to result in increased number of women with unintended pregnancies, which may end up in unsafe abortions and deaths, pushing up the countryâ??s maternal mortality rate, the experts warn. Photo by Brian Hoskins

A record number of Kenyan women are abandoning the use of family planning methods a few weeks or months after picking them from government health facilities, a move that has shocked reproductive health experts.



Dr. Joshua Noreh of Nairobi IVF Centre 

operates the semen analyzer, a machine used to determine whether a man is infertile or not.

Fertility experts are appealing to well educated and professional men to come out and donate sperms to meet the demand and the preferences of an increasing number of couples and single women looking for sperms from a particular breed of people.


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Battered for not giving birth

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Statistics from a local fertility clinic are showing that an increasing number of women who are unable to give birth are experiencing serious physical, emotional and psychological violence meted against them by their husbands 

and in-laws.Statistics from a local fertility clinic are showing that an increasing number of women who are unable to give birth are experiencing serious physical, emotional and psychological violence meted against them by their husbands and in-laws. At least one woman is nursing blurred vision in one eye with another nursing a maimed hand.

Close to 40 women from all social classes who have gone to seek for fertility services at the Nairobi IVF Centre complain of being subjected to physical and verbal violence by their partners.

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Infertile man keeps mum as wife gets pregnant

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Joy Noreh, holding a test tube baby.Like the mother of this 

baby, many other women are being subjected to verbal and physical violence by husbands and in-laws.

A woman who has suffered physical and emotional violence for close to eight years for being unable to conceive was all smiles when a pregnancy test she did following an In Vitro Fertilization showed she was three weeks pregnant.


Judy (not her real name) said her life has been hell, with her husband subjecting her to emotional and physical violence that almost cost her life.

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