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Reproductive Health

Worried about the failure by young people to access sexual and reproductive health services, the government has embarked on an ambitious programme of establishing youth friendly centres in public health facilities.\

The first of its kind in the history of the country’s public health amenities, the centres are going to offer a whole range of reproductive health services including family planning commodities – pills, injections, morning after pill, and condoms; voluntary counseling and testing of HIV, screening of breast and cervical cancers, and post-rape care services, among others. 

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Maternal Health Conference

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A Global conference that aims at encouraging governments to integrate women’s health and rights into their national policies and strategies opens today (Thursday) in London, United Kingdom.

Demand for female condoms, once considered by many women as unsuitable and cumbersome, is on the rise, stretching the government’s ability to provide the gadgets to those who need them. 

In just under three years, the government has distributed one million female condoms, free of charge. Between February 2006 and January 2007, a half million female condoms were distributed, translating to 41,000 condoms a month.

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Women turn anti-ulcer drug into abortion pill

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College and high school female students are now turning to a drug meant for treating gastric ulcers to induce abortions, but doctors warn that they are in for dire consequences for abusing it. 

Scared about the aftermath of going to a quack on the back-street, the women have turned to the drug as the cheap and best option in procuring abortion. Our survey in various city chemists found out that increasing numbers of young women are demanding for the drug, which is given only on prescription.

A herbal medicine that is popularly linked with management of impotence problems – mkombelo - may soon be used to flavour yoghurt or purchased in super markets and pharmacists following plans to produce it on large scale.
ImageAS delegates gather for the 2007 World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, the alarming numbers of women dying everyday from reproductive health related illness around the world, will be a key concern on the agenda of women over the next four days of the forum.


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Gender and sexuality: A development issue?

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ImageIn Africa, understanding gender in relation to sexuality continue to pose a challenge due to lack of proper information.

However, gender and sexuality are matters of development because they affect both men and women in a more fundamental way.

DESPITE the growing confidence among advocates against female genital mutilation (FGM) that the practice was fast declining, the reality in some parts of Kajiado district indicates the contrary. To the dismay of anti FGM activists, this ancient practice is flourishing.

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FDA warns on pleasure pills

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Men who have been using certain sex supplement pills to manage their impotence and enhance their sexual performance have now been put on the high alert: stop or face heart attacks or stroke.

United States premier body, Food and Drug Administration has warned anybody who has in the past used either of the seven sex enhancing pills: Zimaxx, Libidus, Neophase, Nasutra, Vigor-25, Actra-Rx, or 4EVERON to stop immediately and consult a doctor.


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