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Profiling Political Aspirants

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 AWC undertook profiling of Women Political Aspirants. Read their profiles and inspiration for running.

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Profile: The Kenya Women's Political Caucaus

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The Kenya Women’s Political Caucus (KWPC) is a non-partisan, broad-based national network bringing together women politicians and parliamentarians, specialized non-governmental women’s organizations, gender activists and individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting a gender-responsive and democratic political system and institutions.

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Profile: Fidel Rutayisire

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Fidel Rutayisire, the Rwanda Man who rallied the world to sign the petition against Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Kenya  during the post election violence

Being the first man in Africa to get a PHD in communication  is not a mean feat for Prof Alfred Opubor a man who has shaped  the way communication and evelopment is taught in  the continent for the last four decades.

For him he atributes his achievement in acedeminc world of media and communication on  what he calls; “ What my grandmother taught me about communication."

According to the Director of the Africa Division, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Fama Hane Ba, improving maternal mortality is directly related to goal 1: eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, goal 4: reducing child mortality and goal 8: developing global partnerships for development.


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Zanele Mbeki: Africa's Peace Envoy

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It is hard to point her out in a crowd as she fits snuggly amongst the common people. It's only when you are told of her high position in society that you get a jolt, for she is none other than South Africa's First Lady.

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