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Somali Community Join in the War Against Rape

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In January this year, Abshiro Xasan Guleed had just settled into a sound sleep after a long day of work when she was awoken by incessant knocks on her door.

From her creaking bed that had become another source of her miseries, she sidled to the door and listened, before asking the person knocking to identify himself.

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Survivors Petition Police for help

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Survivors of rape and domestic violence yesterday demanded humane treatment from the police when they need help after traumatic ordeals.

They say that police harass them and even ask them embarrassing questions, whenever they visited the stations for help.
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Gloom as Garang' Dies

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Grief and confusion as John Garang Dies

News of the death of SPLM/SPLA leader and the president of South Sudan, Dr. John Garang De Mabior, that took place on Saturday 30th July, has been received with sorrow, bitterness and confusion. Garang died after the helicopter he was travelling in crashed on his return home from a visit to Uganda where he met Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni.


The stage is set for Kenya's next General Election due in December. The ruling party, KANU has named its presidential candidate and the opposition is gliding in new found unity. But one thing is constant - women's voices are lost in these scenarios.
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Landmines undermine peace in the Sudan

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Southern Sudan is on the way to ultimate freedom, but the existence of landmines in the territory continues.

The Sudan government has been engulfed in a civil conflict with the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) in the Southern Sudan for 20 years since 1983, with 20 out of the 26 states affected.

A peace conference dedicated to the women of Africa, dubbed Mothers and Daughters of Africa commenced Monday in Johannesburg, South Africa. Among other things, the conference is aimed at finding a healing for the challenges faced by the continent. 

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A Place Where Human Spirit Never Dies

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As our plane touched down on the deserted Bossaso airstrip in Puntland State of Somalia, the fear in me made my stomach churn.

The eerie atmosphere that was only broken by the noisy breeze from the Red Sea did not portend well, especially after hearing unnerving stories of insecurity.

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