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Young men pump steroids instead of iron

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Young men working out A new craze among young men to acquire muscular and handsome body figures that will endear them to their opposite sex may turn fatal as most of them are resorting to use of substances that are detrimental to their health.

In almost every corner of the city, young men aged between 17 and 30 years, are either joining fitness centres or improvising training centres at home, all in pursuit of muscular bodies that make women go gaga.


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TB super strain in town

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The country is going, for the first time, to have a national referral and isolation unit for TB patients, after findings of a national surveillance study showed the dreaded multidrug resistant strains to be fast circulating in the population.
Revelations that pornographic images can now be easily accessed on the internet using mobile phones and then send to children as young as 10 years is sending parents into panic.
When Immaculate Kaleche was admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital on 12 th August, 2005, with severe bleeding after her delivery; she did not know doctors were going to diagnose a totally different ailment that would change.


Rural health centres will soon have reputable theatres, fitted with modern equipment and other facilities that are at the moment a preserve of health institutions

Maternity shelters will also be constructed in every remote area to serve expectant mothers when they want to deliver.

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The ugly side of ARVs

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Seen as the key intervention in prolonging the lives of those infected with HIV, antiretroviral drugs are now turning out to be lethal as wrong combinations start being given to patients by some medical practitioners.
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Why Kenya's abortion debate is off the mark

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If the women and the doctor who procured abortion to the 15 foetuses were in South Africa, they would be sleeping soundly and even, when challenged in court, the verdict maybe passed in their favour. For in that country, where abortion has been legalised, arguments such as the right of the mother surpassing that of the foetus remains emotive topics.

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Storm as diets recommend eating of red meat

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Doctors and nutritionists frown on red meat and other protein rich foods as the root cause of gout, cancers and obesity. Yet they may just be what you need to lose weight and maintain a slimmer and healthier body.
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Farmers grow new malaria drug

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A drug that the government has recommended as the first line cure for malaria will soon be taken in form of a sachet to be dropped into your morning cup of hot water or tea.

To be used in its crude form, the drug in the sachet will be free from resistance that is now bedevilling conventional drugs.

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