Kenya is among nine African countries that are benefiting from a sweet potato project to boost nutrition especially among children. 


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Siaya County has become the first county in Kenya to employ Community Health Volunteers.

In this financial year Siaya County government has set aside Ksh5 million which will pay the 2,148 health volunteers who work with the community in the county on daily basis.

The search for a breakthrough to the Malaria menace appears to have scored some points lately, but  scientists are still puzzled at the bug’s ability to defy advances made towards its eradication.

The cell phone has gained more currency in parts of Kitui County where community health workers have undergone health training through mobile phone lessons on how to save lives within their communities.

The need to feed babies properly cannot be over emphasized when looked against a background where the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicates that malnutrition contributes to about 60 per cent of the 11 million deaths that occur each year among children less than four years old.

The government has rolled out a Health Insurance subsidy programme that targets the poor and vulnerable people in the country. 

For many men, accompanying their spouses or partners for ante-natal clinic is rare and considered unmanly.

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Concern as cases of Pulmonary TB increase

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For the past year, Jackline Imali has literally stared at death in the eye and lived to tell the tale.

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CCTV Cameras rescue patients in Kisii County

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Tales of patient neglect, poor service delivery, loss of drugs and other medical equipment, are the order of the day in most public Health facilities in the country. 

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