Gender and Governance

Regional partnerships have been identified as the surest way to bring to an end the proliferation of small arms in the Great Lakes region.

“The issue of security can no longer be approached by a single country and the idea of partnership is envisaged at a regional level,” says Programme Coordinator Peter Mbae of the Norwergian Church Aid (NCA) - East Africa.

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Workers rights

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The Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) has instituted gender desks to counter gender violence and create policy among its member organisations.

“COTU is committed to agitating for Kenyan Workers Rights both socially and economically and at the same time act as an alternative source of guidance to the government on matters of national importance,” says Hezron Owallo, Director of Organisations at COTU.

The right to education is an integral part of the new African Protocol on Women’s Rights, argues Roselynn Musa.


Gender inequalities in education translate into larger socio-economic disparities, and affect not only individuals, but the social and economic development of communities and nations. The Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa offers a powerful tool for remedying these disparities, and addresses not only the grassroots level of the classroom, but also the political processes that grant women access to decision-making.

While the United Nations World Summit conference on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) marked a crucial watershed for the world’s poorest countries, women on the other hand, also achieved some gains on gender equality in the final document adopted by the Summit.
The Bill on the Rights to Life states that every person has the right to life, the life of a person begins at conception and abortion shall not be permitted unless, in the opinion of a registered medical practitioner when the life of the mother is in danger. These statutory arrangement by and large outlaws abortion.
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Affirmative Action: What's the way forward

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As Kenya prepares to vote on a new constitution in the November referendum, there are fears that recent amendments by parliament on the draft constitution may have touched the affirmative action clause.

A discussion on human sexuality is almost always guaranteed to raise the raise the roof, whether it takes place within the family or at a public forum.

It does not matter if the subject centres on how to reign in raging adolescent hormones, or on a woman's rights over her unborn baby or the controversial opinions of a Catholic nun on women's reproductive health rights. The arguments for right and wrong, good or bad are endless.

It is not by off chance that a woman is the head of the Pan African Parliament or in the African Security Council. Neither is it coincidental that a woman is leading the country mission support group of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM).


During the 19th session of the UN-habitat governing council held in Nairobi earlier this year, a resolution was passed requiring that gender perspectives be integrated into all UN-habitat activities.

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