Gender and Governance

The Kenyan political scene should brace itself for a dramatic overhaul if the Two Thirds Gender Principle Bill becomes law.

Banners left by #JusticeforLiz demonstrators at the Inspector General's gate in Nairobi. [Picture: Wambui Gicheru ]The case of LIZ a sixteen year old girl who was gang-raped in Busia County, in Western Kenya over four months ago has literately refused to go away.

LIZ was walking home from her grandfather’s funeral when she was ambushed by six men who took turns raping her and then threw her unconscious body down a six meter pit latrine. LIZ horror story has sent shockwaves throughout the world and the police are under pressure to respond.

“Nothing will truly change unless the government is put under the global spotlight,” says Fanis Lisiagali from Health Care Assistance Kenya.

A technical committee to scrutinize the Kenya Debt register and report to the public how the previous and current regimes have used donor money will be in place soon.

Already, a number of reputed organizations – Oxfam and Institute of Economic Affairs, among others- have been identified to be members of the committee that will provide technical expertise in scrutinizing the debt register.

Debt cancellation campaigners are today going to hand over 85,000 post-cards signed by Kenyans calling on the government to refuse to pay or acknowledge debts owed to developed countries. 

The massive campaign, which has been going for one year now, want the government to refuse paying the debts because a huge percent of them did not benefit Kenyans. 

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Government cagey on debt register

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Attempts by debt cancellation campaigners to have the Minister for Finance to accept to accept 85,000 post-cards signed by Kenyans calling on the government to refuse to pay or acknowledge debts owed to developed countries, have hit a snag.

The plaza De Mayo or the May square in central Buenos Aires is no ordinary public park. Over the last thirty years it has acquired a symbolic significance of struggle for truth and justice against past atrocities. It is here that a group of elderly women now commonly known as the Mothers of Plaza De Mayo have been gathering every Thursday evening for the last thirty years to solemnly march round the Park’s central stature.

Betty Ajok with her childrenOwing to the co-existence amongst human beings and their different needs, human beings must not only negotiate with fellow humans, but must also study, understand and fully appreciate their source of livelihood.

 This principle is one amongst the many differences that exists between human beings and animals. But believe me; this principle does not exist within the Ugandan rebel camps in the north.

Here they raid homes of innocent poor villagers and occasionally hijack and flee with them into the deep forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo and southern Sudan.

RecordingJust how challenging moves to have media houses adopt gender policies is going to be emerged yesterday at the GEM Summit when participants expressed concern over the cold reception the idea gets from media owners and managers across Southern Africa.

Some participants who have been approaching media houses for information on women and men employees and employment practices within their newsroom, with a view of helping them develop a gender policy, are having a rough time. 

The recent statement by the Minister for Lands, Hon. James Orengo that the National Land Policy is ready for cabinet deliberation and final approval is something that is overdue. 

But for the majority of Kenyan women who wallow in poverty and are destitute, the announcement has generated a lot of excitement as they have for a long time been culturally prohibited from inheriting this critical factor of production and source of wealth.

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