Most urban residents are no strangers to children begging on the streets or in residential areas.

This is in spite of the fact that in keeping with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) 1 to provide universal access to primary education, since 2003, a Free Primary Education Programme has been in place to ensure that all Kenyan children go to school.

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Innovative teenager keeps lions at bay

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African children are known to be innovative and adapt to situations that fate offers. Richard Turere, a 13-year old Kenyan boy is a typical example of an African child who does not whine about his problems. Instead he looks for solutions.

The unique aspect about his solution is that it provides a win-win situation. Like any other boy born in a pastoralist community, Turere spends a good part of his time taking care of livestock.

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Pathetic state of Kenya's children

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The Kenyan child is faced with many challenges. From sleeping hungry, failing to go to school, being sexually and physically exploited to being forced into child labour.

Children’s rights, therefore, do not seem to play a role as Kenyans look into the State of the Kenyan child, and the continent’s children in general as the Day of the African Child is marked.

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Children's Voices

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