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Grandmother’s shock as daughter abandons twins

Written by Yusuf Amin

The persistent cry of the three-month-old twin babies that were left by their mother who fled to Saud Arabia to look for a job is what welcomes any visitor to Mwandenges’ home in Maya Village, in Ganze Sub County, Kilifi County.


The villagers, who always visit the home to see the pathetic conditions the baby are living in often comfort Mpa Mwandenge, the grandmother of the babies who were left by their mother in unclear circumstances.


A recent visit by this writer to the village also gave the grandmother a ray of hope that when the story is highlighted it would attract organizations, well wishers and leaders to come to the rescue of the babies.

The 50 year-old grandmother says her daughter Zawadi Mnyazi, aged 29, was residing at Shariani where she was engaged in small-scale business. Earlier on her daughter had informed her that she would travel to Saudi Arabia in search of a better paying job.

By then, Mnyazi had been complaining that she was going through tough times economically and that the only solution was to travel to the oil rich Middle Eastern country to look for a job.

But despite her mothers opposition, Mnyaz, Habiba Ali and Amin Ali, defied her mother and left the children behind.

Says a distraught grandmother: “My daughter ignored my advice on that Saturday in the evening, took the babies and handed them to a neighboring village wrapping them with 300 shillings in their napkins before running away.”

She was called by her neighbors to go for the babies, when she responded; she broke down and wept on seeing the grandchildren’s plight.

“It is very painful. They are so and still need breast feeding to help them survive; I have never seen such an incident in my life, “the grandmother laments.


The villagers led by their village elder, Stephen Nguzo, have since the incident sent word around for anyone with information about her to alert the authorities, but it has been in vain.

When Mwandenge telephoned her on her cell phone, she responded and responded in few words: “Kwa-herini, atsunzeni anangu” which translated from Giriama means, ‘goodbye take care of my babies’.

Those were the last words of the mother who left the three months twins and fled away to look for greener pastures.

The local administration and police were alerted and to take a quick action but they were unable to trace her whereabouts.

He said that early pregnancies in the area are to blame in such incident but also asked mothers to be carefully and give good advice to their girls in their early age.

“We should now cooperate and make sure that such incidents are not experienced in future, as this is very painful to these babies, they need care of their mother, “ he noted with concern.

The grandmother said that she is now using normal cow milk to feed the babies, but expressed fear that it may harm their health.

“The milk is not that clean and it has no enough nutrients like that of their mother, I need help,” she said.


A Care-Way Trust Organization that involve itself in children protection led by its chairman, Mwanza Mwangiri, visited the home and appealed to the children’s’ department in Ganze to intervene for the rescue of the babies.

The official said that the organization was working on proper plans to ensure that the mother is returned to the country to take care of her babies.

The brother of Zawadi, Bernard Nyambu said that the life situation in the home is not good but she was not supposed to take such action.

Nyambu noted that he will try to help the babies although his income is low because of his low paying job.
Ganze district Children officer Daniel Mbogo said that he is discussing with other leaders in the sub-county how they can rescue the babies.

At the same time, the officer urged girls to focus on their education and avoid early pregnancies that may lead to dropping out of school, early marriages among other problems.


This article was originally published on the Reject Issue 97.

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