Over twenty girl peer leaders from different schools in Nairobi County used the power of their pen to state their case on children rights, when they handed chief justice a giant ‘thank you card’.

Kenyan media has been filled by many reports of children being abused around the country. The abuses range from sexual, physical and psychological. In some extreme cases they have died in the hands of those who are supposed to protect them despite the laws and policies that have been put in place both at national and international levels.

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In the line of fire

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Senseless act of impunity as police tear-gas school children

Guns, dogs, tear gas, marked the scene of a primary school where children were protesting against the grabbing of their playground. Television screens depicted scenes similar to the Soweto Massacre in 1976 in South Africa during the apartheid regime.

Millions of children around the world cannot prove who and how old they are. Hence, Governments and development actors are unable to plan for their present and future needs.

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Grandmother’s shock as daughter abandons twins

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The persistent cry of the three-month-old twin babies that were left by their mother who fled to Saud Arabia to look for a job is what welcomes any visitor to Mwandenges’ home in Maya Village, in Ganze Sub County, Kilifi County.

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Panic amid rise in child abuse cases

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Parents and guardians are a worried lot in Kitui County where cases of child abuse are giving them sleepless nights.

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Heavy burden caring for disabled children

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The past decade has not been easy for Monica Atieno.

She has been walking from one hospital to another with hope that her now 10 year old daughter would live a normal life like her other siblings.

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Girl child dropout rate high in Msambweni

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Cases of girls who get pregnant while in have been high in Msambweni. However, most of them have lacked encouragement to go back to school.

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It takes a village to raise a child

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Gone are the days when a child was the responsibility of the society, now, scores of children are abused and a majority of the perpetrators go unpunished, writes Joyce Chimbi

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